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PST to MBOX Converter Software

If you are looking error-free and proper solution to save PST files into MBOX then you can try professional's recommended ZOOK PST to MBOX Converter which is absolutely effective utility when it comes to convert PST files to MBOX file format. It is fully automated and quick result producer without any folder structure and meta properties change. It is fully supported to major MBOX based emails clients as well as Microsoft Outlook.
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Re: PST to MBOX Converter Software

Converting PST (Personal Storage Table) files to MBOX format manually involves a few steps. PST files are commonly used by Microsoft Outlook to store emails, while MBOX is a common format used by various email clients. Here's a general guide on how to perform this conversion:

Install Mozilla Thunderbird:

If you haven't already, download and install Mozilla Thunderbird from the official website.
Configure Thunderbird:

Launch Thunderbird and set up an email account. You can use a temporary account for this purpose.
Import PST Files:

Go to "Tools" > "Import..." in Thunderbird.
Choose "Mail" and click "Next."
Select "Outlook" and click "Next."
Browse and select the PST file you want to import.
Choose the folders you want to import and click "Next."
Select the target Thunderbird folder where you want to import the emails and click "Next" and then "Finish."
Export to MBOX Format:

Once the PST files are imported into Thunderbird, you need to export them in MBOX format.
Create a new folder in Thunderbird where you want to save the MBOX files.
Drag and drop the imported emails from the Outlook folders to the new Thunderbird folder you created. This will convert them to MBOX format.
Locate the MBOX Files:

Thunderbird stores its data, including MBOX files, in a profile folder. You can locate the profile folder by going to "Help" > "Troubleshooting Information" > "Show Folder" next to "Profile Folder."
Copy the MBOX Files:

In the profile folder, navigate to the directory of the new Thunderbird folder where you dropped the emails.
You'll find MBOX files with similar names to the Thunderbird folders. These are the MBOX files containing your converted emails.
Use MBOX Files with Other Email Clients:

You can now use these MBOX files with other email clients that support the MBOX format.