How to Switch from Mac Outlook OLM to PST?

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How to Switch from Mac Outlook OLM to PST?

If you want to switch from Mac Outlook OLM to PST, CubexSoft OLM to PST Converter is the most trusted and safe solution that is normally utilized worldwide. It is the top-rated application that provides a 100% simple and secure conversion solution to import OLM files to PST file format. It can convert mailbox items (.olm) such as emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. without losing any information. You can also try its free trial version on any Windows and Mac OS platform.
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Re: How to Switch from Mac Outlook OLM to PST?

Switching from Mac Outlook (OLM) to PST format manually involves exporting your email data from Mac Outlook and then importing it into a Windows email client or using a PST file converter. Here are the steps to perform this conversion manually:

Export Data from Mac Outlook (OLM):
Open Mac Outlook on your Mac computer.
Click on "File" and choose "Export."
Select "Outlook for Mac Data File (.olm)" as the export file type.
Choose the items you want to export. You can select your entire mailbox or specific folders.
Click "Next."
Specify a location on your Mac to save the OLM file and provide it with a name.
Click "Save" to start the export process. This may take some time, depending on the size of your mailbox.

Import OLM into Windows Email Client (e.g., Outlook for Windows):
Transfer the OLM file from your Mac to your Windows computer using a USB drive, external storage, or a file-sharing method.
Open Microsoft Outlook on your Windows computer.
Click on "File" and choose "Open & Export."
Select "Import/Export."
Choose "Import from another program or file" and click "Next."
Select "Outlook Data File (.pst)" as the file type to import.
Click "Next."
Browse to the location where you saved the OLM file and select it.
Choose how you want to handle duplicate items and click "Next."
Select the folder where you want to import the OLM data and click "Next."
Click "Finish" to start the import process. Your OLM data will be imported into your Windows Outlook.